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  • From Dr Mutonono

    New blog: Christian Relationship and Responsibility towards the State: Biblical and Ethical Considerations

  • ALMA Campus

    The main Campus and Leadership Resource Center includes a well-equipped library, offices and lecture facilities.

  • ALMA Library

    Our library is well equipped and manned by efficient and friendly staff.

  • Leaders Of Integrity

    To build leaders of integrity who will impact Africa and the world for Christ is our vision

Welcome to ALMA. Our mission is to build leaders of integrity who will impact Africa and the world for Christ.

The uniqueness of ALMA comes from the following:

  • Biblical Integration: Biblically based training resulting in changed practices.
  • Transformational: Training that results in personal transformation by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Practical: Learner centered education that can be applied in an individual’s workplace and environment.
  • Cultural Relevance: The presentation of a culturally relevant Africa-based curriculum

ALMA is part of the International leadership University (ILU), a group of universities in Africa with campuses in Kenya (ILU Kenya), Burundi (ILU Burundi), Nigeria (Africa Centre for Theological Studies ) and Ghana (ALMA).

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